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About Our Service

How many times have you called in to your service provider only to find out the issue is with something "on the inside?"  Where do you go from there?  If something is wrong with your drainage, you call a plumber; lights, an electrician; but who do you call when your phone wiring or data cables in your home/business are not working, or you need more in a different location?

This is where Woodyard Communications can fulfill your needs.

About Us

Personalized Installation


We specialize in going the extra mile the customer needs.  Where your local provider stops, we will continue your service inside your home or business.

Experienced Staff


Our staff has over 10 years of Business and Residential telecommunications experience installing telephone, video, and ethernet cables to include CAT5e, CAT6A, CAT7, and Coaxial Cable.

Competitive Pricing


Ask us about our pricing for Seniors and Veterans.



Business and Residential Telecom and Data Cabling

Whatever the need, from a simple phone line to the most advanced data cabling, Woodyard Communications can handle all of your wiring needs.


Inside Wire Maintenance

Many consumers do not realize the wiring inside their home or office is their responsibility to maintain.  For extended service care, consider our wire maintenance plan.  Allow us to offer peace of mind in your time of need.

For only $10.99 a month we will maintain your inside wiring, and troubleshoot any equipment.  Hit FIND OUT MORE and request information to sign up.

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New/Remodeled Construction

 Have all of the wiring installed in your new home before the walls are closed in, and where you want them.  Request your Home Builder consult with Woodyard Communications for the best design layout for your needs.

Service Area

We strive to provide excellent service to Brenham, Bryan/College Station, The Brazos Valley, South Central Texas, and The Giddings and La Grange areas.

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Woodyard Communications will only use your information to server you better.  We never share personal information to third party vendors.